Hello, my name is Ian Miles Frost and welcome to my website.

I designed this page as my final project for my web design class. Please look around and feel free to contact me.

This site holds a mix of some of my favorite projects over the years, as well as, some general information about me.

Basic Information:

I am currently 22 years old and have two brothers, both of which are older and married. Both of them also graduated from Indiana University. One attained a Bachelor's in Computer Science, and the other graduated with a Bachelor's in Informatics. My mother is an artist, and my father has been an environmental engineering consultant and is currently a computer programmer. Growing up in this particular environment has had a large impact on my interests.

I am from Brookston, Indiana and attended Frontier Elementary and Frontier High School. I participated in some extracurriculars including journalism, student government, and Hoosier Boys' State. While I did take part in other activities throughout my high school career, these were the ones that that had the greatest impact on my learning experience at the time. After I graduated co-valedictorian of my class, I decided to go to Indiana University to pursue an undergraduate degree in Computer Science with a minor in business. There I joined a religious group on campus called the Navigators and a game design club called Hoosier Games. If you would like more information on these experiences and others, then visit the Experience tab.

I am a graduate of Indiana University-Bloomington as of May 6th, 2017. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Computer Science with a specialization in Intelligent Systems. I also obtained a minor in business. While, I did enjoy the business classes I took, I am looking for jobs in technology. I am particularly interested in programming content for a video game. However, there are many aspects of game design that I would like to experience as well.

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games and drawing. Some of my favorite games I've played over the years include: Destiny, Fire Emblem, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mass Effect, and Final Fantasy. I enjoy games with intriguing plots that develop characters well and ones that allow for connecting with friends locally and online.